They Said It!

Hamza Chawala (1967)

Mr Hodiwala

"Parade will march past in coloumn of threeees"
Move to the right in threes"
"Poison kills poison, diamond cuts diamond" (particularly if you complained of pain in legs, when you were made to run an additionall three rounds of the "FILD"

Sekhar Krishnan (1968)

Mr Hodiwala

Whenever anyone was slipping or falling when trying exercises on the parallel bars, his normal comments were....
"Were you born in the jungle?"
"If you want to commit suicide, go to Marine Drive!!"
Annual Parents Day parades... "Parade will march past in the column of threes....move to the right in threes...right turn!!!

Ravi Bhavnani, Anand Krishna, Arnold Sodder, Samit Sengupta, Rahul Shah & Sunil Narumalani (1974)

Mr Keki Irani

"When you change sides, you change signs" [math]
"Pay a visit to Aunty" [on chewing gum] "Aunty being the dust-bin
"Nitrogen is the anti-social humbug" [chemistry]
"This one is a lulu" (or something to that effect - Math)

Mr Stanley Podru Gomes

# Catching a 1st std kid in the back gardens and saying - if I hear any noise in any part of the backgardens I'll hold you responsible.
# if you don't have your hair cut I'll take you to the barber and have your ears lowered one inch.
# If you don't "shtruggle" you'll get "shtuck"

Marathi Master

Would write the Q & A on the board on Friday for a surprise test on Monday and Navkesh Batra would switch on the lights in the day to see his trousers shine. Can't remember his name but Vinaychandra Dongre kept up the supply of hair oil.

Mr Nash Karanjia

Asking a guy a question in one corner of the room and then walking down the other aisle swinging his cane because the answer was wrong.
A glum faced Karanjia after his probability calculations led to loss of large amounts of money at the races…?
Once a ghatee, always a ghatee...

My N Y Das

For those of you who were bold enough to do Biology outside schools hours - Das always managed to goof up with the Convent girls around (we had some common sessions for practicals).....
An agitated Mr Das (?), during a biology test, chasing a frog whose destiny was dissection…?

Mr Arnold D'Souza

The one memory of Tipu (Arunabha), who I believe sat in the first row, was standing up turning around to the class and saying "he doesn't know what he's saying". And this was with reference to Arnold D'Souza. Menezes (a.k.a. Manju) in 9A who would end up giving "Operations" to anyone that caused problems?

Mr Alex Correa (Art)

Flying dusters from Correa to wake sleeping students in the art class? (and boy did it hurt)!

Ms Sylvia Athaide or was it Pearl Padamsee

“scrub your elbows” during music lessons"

Mr Pran Bhal

# And who can forget the man's ability to read Hindi text upside down?
# Remember how he'd glance down at a book on the first row and read aloud with ease? That's a talent rarely seen today.
# Son, you have a laang one... I mean a pan-sil.
# Bhal making someone stand up on a chair like the "Qutub Minar"
# "Son (in a nasal twang), koote ki mafik kyon baunkte (bark) ho?" (translation: son… why are you barking like a dog?)

Mr PK Bhatia

Bhai sahib

Mr Dutt (PT)

What is this PT escuse [sic] again?

# Joe Sheth's face offs with over the existence of words in the English language - I believe "groundlings" was one such argument
# Tintin comics always in short supply in the library?
# Someone (Vivek Rao ?) throwing ink on Fr Daniel Donnelly from behind - really !!

Class Of 1978

Mr Hodiwala

# Never missing a count) Leff right, Bleddy fooool, leff, right,...stop staring at the girrlls, leff right,
# Stop the tom foolery in the beck of the class
# I don't care, beg, borrow, steal, but I want your herecot by 10 am.

Mr Arthur Menezes

# I say I think this fellow needs an operation
# You're a bashtad, I'm a bashtad, he's a bashtad, , he's a bashtad, ....we are all bashtads (with relation to the environment)

Mr Pran Bhahl

# (After having corrected a test) Do you expect me to put my pen in your shall I say shit and give you marks for it?
# Punishing somebody by making them stand on their desk "Qutub Minar ban jao

Mr Nash Karanjia

In his impecable British Accent
# Parekh I say wear a skirt
# Pandemonium in the backbenches
# Manners must precede the learning of mathematics
# Once a ghatee, always a ghatee...

Mr Sanjay Miranda (Marathi)

# Both of you three get out of class
# You, open the window and let the weather come in
# ll of you listen, we will be having a surprise test tomorrow

Class Of 1984

Fr Alban D'Mello SJ

Determination to duty will ultimately determine your destiny

Mr Joe Sheth

Don't just get a first class, be first class

Mr Hodiwala

Fauj Ki Column Manj Se Gujragi Pehle Parade Aage Baaki Parade, Teen-o-teen mein Dhayine Mud

Mr Nash Karanjia

# You will never be a gentleman!
# Manners must precede the learning of Mathematics
# The doors are wide open. Get out if you are not interested

Mr Stanley Gomes

"You miserable fellow...'', and threatening to dissolve us in picric acid.

Mr Pran Bhal

Sab Punjabi gadhe hote hain, including me