Campion School - Trivia

1950 - The Campion Magazine was launched.
1950 - The Original School Emblem was designed by a Jesuit.
1952 - On November 2nd The Panther in the taxidermy collection was shot in Matheran during a scout camp.
1954 - The New School Emblem was launched on August 29
1955 - The Porpoise (it's not a whale) under the fish tank was caught by the scouts during their annual camp at Madh Island a short while after this picture was taken.
1956 - Brother Navarro sj a Jesuit Ornithologist and Taxidermist gifted the Taxidermy Collection to Campion .
1960 - Fr Emmanuel More sj starts The Old Boys Association
1960 - 12 Rifles were purchased for a sum of Rs 3,000 for target practice.
1961 - Introduction of the House System.
1963 - On July 1st swimming was introduced at the Golwalla Baths
1963 - On October 26 at the Parents Day the Air Scouts and Aero Modeling made their first appearance and put-up a fine display of aerobatics
1963 - The Old Boys Association purchased it's own billiards table. Apparently it was the second billiard table in Bombay. The other being in the Taj Hotel
1967 - On July 31st The Campion Photography Club was launched.
1965 - Fr Ribot sj started the Campion Parents Teachers Association was launched.
1966 - On January 19 the School Council was officially formed
1966 - The First Inter-House Aquatic Meet was held on February 19th at the Naval Pool
1966 - The First Inter-House Debates were held on June 27th
1966 - Judo was introduced in Campion on August 4th. The instructor was Sensei Pervez Mistry (Class of 1960)
1966 - On March 25th Campion performed a full radio programme on Air India Radio consisting of music, poetry and song
1970 - Leeta Fonseca - a girl from Fort Convent School played the role of Dulcenia Del Toboso in the play Don Quoixote 1970
1975 - 1976 : Campion won the Darah Mulla Trophy for the highest national collection for Flag Day for two consecutive years
1977 - Campion won the Bournvita Quiz Competition - Andrew Braganza, Jalaj Malhotra & Ramesh Shivdasani beat Cenral School 12-1 in the finals
Inter-School March Past
Campion has shattered all records by winning the Trophy 25 times which includes a period of 15 consecutive years.
Inter-School Aquatics
1965 - Campion made a clean sweep of the First Inter-School Aquatic Meet winning both The Team as well as the Individual championships. John Vasica won the Individual Championship by winning every event in his section

1968 : Rajiv Parikh won the Sub-Juniors Championship and Vivek Jairazbhoy won the Midgets Championship

1969 : Campion missed the Championship by a whisker but picked up 23 certificates. The stars : F Kamdin, R Parikh, and Costa The Greek. Esben Morgensen won the Sub-Juniors Championship

1970 : Campion won the Inter-School Aquatic Championship by 19 points.Though still an Intermediate Pheroze Bulsara won the Seniors Championship and the Man Of The Meet. Esben Morgensen won every event in the Midgets

1978 : Cherag Bulsara won every event in the Boys Under 9 : Back, Breast, Butterfly and Free Style
Inter-School Badminton
1973 - 1977 : Campion won the Championship for 5 consecutive years . The key players were Sunil Mehra, Rajan Midha, Sameer Hutheesing, Munaf Lakhani, Rajeev Goenka.
Inter-School Handball
1979 - 1983 : Campion won the Championship of both the Seniors and Juniors for 5 consecutive years The key players were Christopher Liang (Seniors) and Tushad Talati & William Liu (Juniors)
Inter-School Tennis
1981 - 1983 : Campion won both the Championship as well as the 'Best Player' trophy for 4 consecutive years The star performers were Shiv Kumar and Rajiv Singh
Inter-School Athletics
Campion has produced several athletic champions some who even triumphed at the Nationals The key athletes were Somesh (The Flying Campionite) Kapai, Sunil Gambers, Hirji Nagarwalla, Gavin Azavedo
Unfortunately I could not access the athletics records