To Patrick de Sousa we owe immense gratitude
For his foresight, skills and remarkable aptitude
He’s shown us this newfangled way of communication
Which has brought us together for our own salvation

Patrick’s got us together, stout fellow
Kids and his pets have made him mellow
Once was a hunk amongst sisters
Now, alas, has too many blisters

Yazd is our first rhyme-master supreme
Who often slicks his hair back with Brylcream
Also loves to ride his spanking new Harley
But not one-hundredth as much as dear Sonali

Dadiba Pundole they say deals in art
Actually he helps a fool and his money part
Personally he prefers the unshaven look
Someone please tell him - he looks like a crook

And last but not least let’s not forger Sam Jagtainie
Better known to all of his friends simply as Shorty
Fancies himself to be New Jersey’s Don Samino
But more to the truth he’s just a little Bambino

Shorty my comrade is knee high to a rat
He knows some tough guys so he thinks he's a cat
Of the friends I have he's been the best
I know he'll be there when I'm laid to rest

KV’s was badmash and totally unashamed
Alas the Spice Girls now have him tamed
He’s always ready for BP baiting
Meanwhile he’s busy electro-plating

John went to Dubai to make some money
Money for a Mani, ain't that funny
Now there is confidence in the way he walks
And he doesn’t even spit when he talksli

BP’s got a reputation, when he arrives
All married men lock up their wives
Says he’ll settle down with the right woman
Is currently looking for her in Oman

BP lost some skin when in Class Eight
His dad circumcised him when he was trying to masturbate
But his dick has healed and now when he arrives
All married men rush and lock up their wives

Sunil Parekh always with a gaali on his lips
Has a Toyota agency and even owns some ships
In school his voice really took the cake
So high pitched, it was the last to break

KV’s was badmash and totally unashamed
Alas the Spice Girls now have him tamed
He’s always ready for BP baiting
Meanwhile he’s busy electro-plating

Sanjeev Mehra’s really quite nice
Pat stop troubling him - I must advice
He can take a joke better than any of us
No moaning, no revenge not even a fuss

Even in college Sanjeev Mehra was my true buddy
Kept me off grass and helped me study
Now this will make Sanjeev's face turn red
It was I who gave him condoms the night he was wed

The master of mischief was Ahuja Anil,
The hairs long gone but he’s hardly senile,
At 44 plus the proof of living with joy,
The man produced a bouncing baby boy!!

When Himanshu got into science was he was glad,
Thought he'd be a doc just like his dad
But he switched his scalpel for a Glock
And now has become one tough super cop

Parvinder the bundi played basketball,
Now he has grown strong and tall,
Alternative medicine he uses and sells
That’s why every night we still hear bells!

Parvinder's yoga has made him big and strong
Says I am living my life all wrong
Spent his day's with Priya his sweet
Broke Priy's heart when he married Manpreet

Our Games Captain, a guy called Dorian
Fair skinned quite the archetypical Aryan
Round and round the track he bounded
His legs a-blur, the ground they pounded

Below see level, Sanjay hasn’t got taller
He’s lucky to find Kanan who’s even smaller
Still refused admission to adult films – alas
Because he looks the youngest in our class

Karan Anand still chases anything that’s not
Somehow he can’t get over how tall I’ve got
Same old sardar nice but slightly weird
Now sporting a humungous white beard

Karan they say has humped more than most
Walked around Xaviers with an unzipped open post
Has a humungous beard that makes him look brave
But Chodu and I know he's Jeanette's wimpy slave

Sorab is back and is looking real hot
But ladies beware please touch him not
He's a wiz with numbers and writes profound verse
Which makes me wish I was lying in a hearse

Viveck, Vaswani isn’t really from our batch
Didn’t fail like the others, there’s the catch
Started by making many a movie
Now he works with Zee TV

Sridhar Jagirdar loved table tennis,
His cuts and spins were quite a menace,
Now the hairs all gone and the top is shining,
The balls still hard that why gals are not whining!

Sridhar Jagirdar is the fittest of all by far
The Marathon Man never uses his car
It's been many years since there was a hair on his head
But his wife says never mind he's great in bed

Rajesh Masand spends time with Rotary,
Also makes clothes in his garment factory,
Rajesh where the hell are the T-Shits with logo,
That Patman and you promised long long ago?

Sunny Lulla, would back flip into the swimming pool
and we all used to think – “wow that is reallllly cool”
then we found out, that the flip is only a trick
the real way to impress girls is with a big asterisk*

Deepak’s hung up his Karate kit
Tried to fight his wife but had to quit
He now lives in a paradise of milk and honey
Either works too hard or is obsessed with money

My old friend Chetan has a biting wit
Says that school was a piece of shit
However I remember him in a happier way
When ping-pong and cricket we did play

Pramit Jhaveri helps others make big bucks
I've often wondered, doesn’t life suck
That he’s become a big dude with CitiBank
Didn’t think he could do it  just to be frank

Chubby Priya has become very thin
No food, no whisky, no beer, and no gin
He’s into yoga and severe meditation
From which he seeks his spirit’s elevation

Raju Gehani peddles glittering glass
He's actually the biggest crook in the class
Preys on women. He’s really shrewd and clever
Helped coin the slogan “A Diamond is for ever”

And then there’s my old mate Shripal Manilal
Sometimes he would deign to give us a call
now he’s a "Blue Star" - the master of gem nonsense
forever lost in a world from which there’s only silence

Rajnish Seth is our very own super-cop
Has all of Mumbai's criminals on the hop
I mistook Machado for him on Republic Day
But he just smiled at me it in a kindly way

Khusroo’s passionate about the Stars and Stripes
Easy to brainwash, these Bawaji types
After school had a good time with his buddies
So now he has to concentrate on his studies

Glenn was a captain in our class and of his ship
Despite all his brilliance, his life took bit of a dip
And taught us that what prevents the wise from a fall
Is Prayer and Gods Grace, which truly powers us all.

Our Guajrati methaji, king of maths- Mahesh Bhatia,
Went to the Gulf with dhokla and gaathia,
Now he debits and credits all day in Dubai,
So far away from St Annes, all wonder why

Fitzgerald missed Campion nail and tooth,
Hence married their prettiest teacher Ruth!
Now his classes are on both day and night ,
Moral Science we presume; are we right?

Ashutosh Manjeshwar was called Manju for short,
The sailor boy married a Manjul that why!!
He curses us for not shortening his first name instead,
Or else he would have married Ashwaria Rai!!

Sushil Patel as monitor was the greatest,
Never got his noisy pals in trouble,
Wrote every ones' names in great earnest,
But rubbed the board clean in time on the double!

Farouq Issa was every teachers dream,
Charmed every one like peaches and cream,
Bill Clinton and Farooq signed an agreement,
Interns for antiques, what an arrangement!!
Nitin Sanghi lives a life of sin
Bottles air and calls it oxygen
No one in his right mind dare complain
Cause Nitin has a problem with weight gain

Now about that boy Mehta also called Summer,
We always thought he'd be a real bummer
But he’s surpassed success by no mean measure
And accumulated quite a substantial treasure

Rustom flew over the cuckoos nest,
Among flying bawa's he was the best,
Now he shaves his head to take a train,
And then rides back to shave again.

Chowdhury left Surat, said things looked dim
The Gujjus there were just too smart for him
Now he lies in wait for Ghatis in Pune
Be careful Orgy or they’ll put you away

More was photographed from every angle,
Later in college, tried to get Juhi in a tangle,
Now has a handlebar just above his lip,
In memory of Chawla who gave him the slip.

Keith Ferreira was our Asst sports captain
Took off to London, instead of going to Spain
Made a career in music, but found no companion
His life was too dry, so he married a samurai.

There was a studious boy -his name was Gauri Shankar
He became an ascetic – spends his life in a bunker
With the rest of us he is not in touch
In ICSE he got 36 agg. – that’s a bit too much